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Moving Kits

Box-n-Go offers a variety of moving kits for all types of moves. Each kit is packaged with the things you may need to make moving easier. Just select the kit that meets your needs and get free shipping with the delivery of your storage unit – right to your door.

Our moving kits are specifically designed to accommodate the needs of people packing their homes for moving or for storage. The quantity of items is based on historical average user quantities. Whether you’re moving a little or a lot, there’s a kit that’s just the right fit for your home. Our moving kits are designed for a single apartment, 1-bedroom, 3-rooms, 4-rooms. Simply select the right size for your move, then choose the kit that meets your needs.

All the items included with your kit are professional grade and built specifically for movers. As they are designed to be used by pros, these boxes and supplies will offer your belongings the maximum level of protection.

All of our boxes are made in the USA. They are professional grade. Made from 100% recycled corrugated cardboard. most are single wall construction, built to a professional 32 ECT test.

The packing tape we offer is a high strength, high adherence tape used by professional movers.

Other items we offer are also designed and made to satisfy the needs of professional movers. This is how we know that they are of the highest quality. We source all the items locally and usually have them in stock.

Since our main service is storage, we can deliver all the items you buy to you for FREE along with the delivery of your storage unit(s). No need for you to drive around shopping for boxes, handling them and hauling them home. Everything you need can be delivered straight to your home.

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