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2-3 Rooms Moving Kit


This kit is specifically designed for small 2 bedroom apartments.

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Our 3-Room Moving Boxes Kit Includes:

  • (12) small boxes
  • (6) medium box
  • (4) large box
  • (3) extra large box
  • (3) wardrobe box
  • (2) steel padlock
  • (3) rolls packing tape
  • (3) roll bubble wrap

This kit is specifically designed to help an average household pack and move up to 3 rooms into storage. We based the quantities based on the historical data. Of course some homes are larger or smaller and you may want to evaluate the quantities based on your particular needs. The moving boxes included with our kits are our most popular moving boxes. These moving boxes are sized and are ideal for packing most every household items including books, kitchenware, clothes, linens, small appliances, toys and more. They are built to professional strength standards, including 32 ECT. The boxes are single wall cardboard, made of recycled fiber. In addition to boxes, the kit includes an appropriate quantity of supplies like tape and bubble wrap. The tape is best used to seal the boxes after they are packed. The bubble wrap is use to protect the fragile items before you pack them into the box or into storage. Use the padlock to secure your storage unit(s).

All our moving kits are affordably priced so that you can keep your moving budget intact. In addition you can receive a FREE delivery of your packing supplies with the delivery of your storage unit. If you do not use all the boxes and supplies you bought from us, we will gladly take them back. Just return them to us for a full credit.

The picture may not depict the actual kit and it’s contents. The actual items and the quantities included in the kit are as listed on this page.

Should you need help with figuring out the exact quantities all supplies you may need, call us at 877-269-6461 and we will be happy to assist you.