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Starter Moving Kit


This kit is specifically designed for small apartments like studios or single rooms or smaller apartments.



The Starter Moving Box Kit Includes:

  • (6) small boxes
  • (3) medium box
  • (2) large box
  • (1) extra large box
  • (2) wardrobe box
  • (1) steel padlock
  • (2) rolls packing tape
  • (2) roll bubble wrap

All of our kits, even this starter kit, include the professional grade and quality moving boxes and supplies. All are built to the highest professional moving standards. All our boxes are made in the USA. Our own moving crews use the very same boxes for full service moves. The boxes included with this kit are sized for most any type of items you may have in your household. From books, tools to clothing and linens, anything can be packed and protected inside them. These boxes can be stacked on top of one another. Please make sure to place the heaviest boxes at the bottom. Also, consider how many boxes you are stacking. When your stack is too high, the boxes and belongings inside them, that are at the bottom of the stack, may get damaged.

Kits also include the packing tape to help you assemble and seal the boxes. A bubble wrap is also included, so you can protect all those fragile items in your household. Finally, the kit includes a padlock so you can secure the storage unit. Our  padlocks are keyed, high security, laminated steel padlocks. We use the same padlocks on our own storage units.

Feel free to call us at 877-269-6461 so that we can assist you with your particular needs.

All our moving kits are affordably priced so that you can keep your moving budget intact. In addition you can receive a FREE delivery of your packing supplies with the delivery of your storage unit. If you do not use all the boxes and supplies you bought from us, we will gladly take them back. Just return them to us for a full credit.

The picture may not depict the actual kit and it’s contents. The actual items included in the kit are as listed on this page.