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Betty F.

Claremont McKenna Storage

Claremont McKenna Student Storage

?There’s nothing more frustrating than dealing with the last minute stress of preparing for college and looking for moving containers and student storage. You need to make sure your tuition and grants are active, you need to meet your roommate, and you have to deal with the emotional stress of leaving your family and friends, and the nerves of starting something new.  As you can see moving to college can be a stressful event. On top of all the stress, you still have to look for Claremont McKenna Student Storage, and a storage that offers portable storage options and moving containers.

What are some advantages of portable moving containers?


Most students prefer to use portable moving containers for their Claremont McKenna Student storage needs.  Why?


– Portable containers for moving can  be delivered to and from your dorm when moving 
– You can your portable containers on your own time, at your own pace
– Your portable containers for moving can be used for short or long term needs
– Portable containers for moving  more affordable than actual  student storage facilities near Claremont Mckenna
– You only pay for the portable storage/moving containers and not extra space
– You don’t have to do any moving or heavy lifting- Box- n-Go moves the containers for you 
– The portable moving containers your belongings from mold and mildew
– Moving containers are large enough to store all of your favorite things in student storage
– Moving containers are portable and convenient, flexible and affordable.


We provide you with portable moving containers at an affordable rate!


At Box-n-Go student storage, we understand that you are a student on a tight budget and may think renting portable containers for moving and storage is not for you.  This is why we try to make it as stress-free as possible for you to rent portable moving containers from us. Whether you are storing your items in the containers for short term or long term, you can enjoy the many benefits, of portable storage containers, and moving and storage which include:


– Free delivery of your packed storage/moving containers to and from your Claremont Mckenna dorm
– Free ( limited) protected coverage on items in you portable containers
– Free ground level access to retreive your items from your storage containers whenver you need them
– Low monthly rent with discount options available on portable moving/storagecontainers 
– Safe storage warehouse with state of the art security to protect your items in their storage containers
– Simple and quick retrieval of your belongings from you moving containers, whenever you need them
– Most major credit cards accepted
– Multiple portable moving /storage containers
– No stress, No hassle
– Indoor student storage
– Friendly service?


Choose our Claremont McKenna Storage company today!?


It doesn’t matter if you are moving for college or coming back home for the summer, Box-n-Go has a wide variety of storage solutions and portable moving containers to help you with your college moving experience.  Whether you need to store your belongings for the entire summer or a few short months, we have you covered. Call Box-n-Go moving and storage at 1-866-631-8523 and discover why most Claremont McKenna students prefer Box-n-Go  our portable containers  and for us  to handle all of their moving and storage needs.

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