Self Storage and Moving Reviews

The Box-n-Go guys took care of me.

I decided to move unexpectedly in March of 2011 and I had way too many items to take with me. It was the day before my move and I needed to figure out how to move my items in storage. I called a lot of box companies and movers and most of them laughed at me for calling to reserve a slot with less than 24 hours notice. The Box-N-Go guys took care of me and at the best rate too! They were very professional, quick and organized, and to my surprise, didn't have any problem finding a spot to place the box at my downtown apartment. I didn't have a need to visit the storage facility to take any of my items out, but I did store my stuff for a few months. They delivered the box on-time to my new home with all of my items intact exactly as I had placed them. This was the best storage experience I've had. A+

Moka P., Los Angeles, CA

Customer service was excellent. Strongly recommend.

Contracted Box-n-Go to pick up my daughters furniture at USC, store for the summer and drop back off when school started. Seamless efficient process. Customer service was excellent. Strongly recommend.

Barry M., Sacramento, CA

I needed a way to store my daughters dorm room.

I needed a way to store my daughters dorm room possessions while she was home from college. One option was to travel 3000 miles, rent a car, stay overnight and help her move the items into a rented storage facility. The other option was to use Box-n-Go Storage. They dropped off a storage container so it could be packed. They picked it up and stored it for three months. They then dropped it off again so it could be emptied. Everything was on time and very efficient. I saved a significant amount of money using Box-n-Go. Additionally, the people I dealt with who work for Box-n-Go, especially Tim, were friendly, courteous, helpful and professional. I would highly recommend this company if you ever have a need for temporary storage.

Bob M., Hanson, MA

Excellent quick service.

Excellent quick service with nice burly guys that come to the house. They are fairly prompt with their timing - it is a three hour window for pick up and box delivery, but they came within that window every time. When they dropped off the empty box it fortunately fit all I wanted it to (enough to pack a 1 bedroom including mattress + small furniture things and lots of small kitchen/bathroom house things). It is important to pack fragile things like you would if you were taking them in a suitcase - nothing of mine broke, but when we opened the box after 2 years of storage things had shifted (naturally). I packed in giant plastic tubs with tops. They were clearly careful with my box after 2 years everything was still great.

Ashley G., Encino, CA

This was an excellent moving experience.

One really does not expect great customer service from a moving company, but that is exactly what I got from Box-n-Go. They offered me a *much* lower quote for a cross-country move than any other company ($1600 compared to $2500). The pods were smaller, but very easy to use. The staff were polite and responsive by phone and email. They showed up on time for drop off and pick up. I did get charged extra for my pod being too heavy; I braced for bad news when they told me that there would be an extra fee... then it turned out to be $60... not a big deal at all. The pod arrived on the east coast when they said it would. The guy I spoke to at the company that Box-n-Go contracts with in Philly told me there would be a $100 fee for the local delivery to my new apartment. I called Stan at Box-n-Go to ask if that was correct and he said "no". Then Stan immediately tracked that guy down and set him straight. He called me back and apologized for the confusion. So I paid no extra charge for the local delivery in Philly, which also went well. It was easy to place the pod, even on a city street, since it is relatively small. Our stuff arrived in perfect condition. I highly recommend Box-n-Go.

Liz S., Irvine, CA

Fantastic Service all the way around!

I've been a customer with Box-n-Go for about the last year. I was leaving the LA area and had to find a way to store a good deal of my things. First of all, I can say that each storage box is huge and in the end I only ended up needing a single unit to store the vast majority of my things (with space left over!). Second of all, I'd like to highly complement their staff, their helpfulness, and their professionalism. From the get-go, when I called to set up a time and just register for the service, their phone staff were very helpful and pleasant. The service was easy to set up and arrange. Plus, I appreciated the very reasonable cost of renting a storage cube. I also appreciated that they were willing to work with me and help me out, because I lived in a city neighboring Los Angeles, which typically does not allow storage cubes to be left on the street. Instead, Box-n-Go found a way where the city would be happy and I could still use their service of having the storage unit delivered to my apartment. Thirdly, on the pre-arranged day, the cube was delivered punctually, the staff were again very helpful, and everything was loaded up and ready to go within about an hour. Finally, my interactions with Box-n-Go since that time have been very positive and I've found it especially gratifying that Box-n-Go has worked with me to make it possible for me to continue to use their service in the future. Anybody can provide a service, but really great businesses are the ones that remember the human and personal side of business, and go that extra mile to help you out and make sure you know you're appreciated. So, I highly recommend using Box-n-Go for your storage needs!

U.B., Los Angeles, CA

What a great new service.

What a great new service. Used storage here and there for the past... many years. I saw my neighbor using these guys, and I was sold on it. The "A" rating on BBB sealed the deal. I am using Box-n-go to store my old LPs and collectibles, stamps, large collation of hockey cards, some of it very rare. No point of keeping it home, can not find any one to appreciate the size of collation. But, with every year the value goes only up. Also, got all my winter gear at box-n-go, snow gear etc. The price is great and service is impeccable. Place is safe, clean and absolutely DRY. Almost ruined it at public storage.

John C., Sherman Oaks, CA

Excellent Service!

We moved from Sherman Oaks to Northridge and needed to store our stuff for a few days and then unpack. Box-n-Go delivered their storage container to our place and we packed our stuff up over a few days. When we had finished, Box-n-Go picked up the container. So simple! A few days later we had the container delivered to our new house and we unpacked. Box-n-Go picked up the container and that was that. The staff were friendly and the service was amazing. If you need long term storage, or if you need short term storage like us, then I can not recommend Box-n-Go enough.

Nathan B., Northridge, CA

Really easy!

I used Box-n-Go for the first time last summer to store all my stuff during summer break and they made moving really easy. My parents were really excited that they didn't need to rent a truck or anything. Box-n-go delivered the storage unit, I filled, then they came back and picked it up. Really easy!!! So easy that this last semester when I moved out of the dorms I used them again!

Beatrisa B., North Hills, CA

Highly, highly recommended.

I'm not an expert in reviews... I've been working for long haul moving company in past, so I'm familiar with services, most companies provides to there customers. Based on my knowledge of that, and have Box-n-go service provided to me, I can tell....This people more then seriously concern about there customers. They are extremely nice and polite, accurate with people belongings, punctual on a time..., to much to list good things about them. Highly, highly recommended to use business, if you need service like that.

Yan R., Van Nuys, CA