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Packing Tape


Size: 1-3/4″ x 55 yards rolls

High strength self-sticking tape ideal for moving & storage.

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Our box packing tape is of a professional quality, high strength self-sticking tape. Ideal for moving, shipping and storage. It is available in 1-3/4″ x 55 yards rolls.

  • Strongest packaging tape available.
  • Heavy Duty Box Packaging Tape that can withstand up to 15 kg of tensile stress, making it the strongest tape for warehouse packaging, storage, moving, shipping, carton sealing, transport, and general purpose wrapping.
  • Convenient, easy to manage and apply.
  • Optimized to resists splitting, curling and unnecessary tearing.
  • Unwinds smoothly without much noise making it easy to manage, handle, cut and apply.
  • Industrial Grade Adhesive Holding Power. Holds out perfectly even on overstuffed packages and cartons making ideal for heavy duty tasks that need industrial grade adhesion and holding power. Adhesive sticks to smooth and textured surfaces especially on cardboard and carton materials.
  • Exceeds US Postal Regulations. Tough polypropylene tape that meets the US Postal Regulations for standard and heavy duty packages and ISO 9001 Quality Management System Compliant.
  • Compatible to many tape dispensers on the market.

Here is a tip for packing your boxes well:

  • Box Packing tape uses a specific adhesive that sticks especially well to boxes and paper materials. Use packing tape.
  • Do not use the duct tape or masking tape to pack your boxes. For instance, duct tape, if not completely sealed to any area on the box, is known to peel off over time by itself. The fine particles on boxes can cover the adhesive layer on duct tape without forming a bond, rendering the duct tape useless. The same is true for masking tape. Different adhesives are designed to bond with different kinds of materials, this is why it is best to use packing tape over any other kind of tape when you are preparing your boxes for storage.
  • Seal cartons well with packing tape. This will prevent dust and keep your belongings clean.
  • Use a few pieces of heavy-duty tape to close the bottom and top seams, then make a couple of extra wraps all the way around the box’s top and bottom edges where most of the weight is concentrated. This way, if the box is packed too heavy, it will still be held together.

Order as many as you want. We will credit your account for all the unused supplies you return to us. The actual tape and packaging may very slightly from the one shown above.