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How long will my items take to get to my destination?

Transit time depends on a variety of factors and will vary according to when and where you are moving, availability of delivery vehicles and the distance to the delivery terminal location. Specific details about transit times can be obtained from your Moving Consultant.

How far in advance can we move our stuff to a new city?

We are ready when you are and can transport your containers to your new location at any time. If the containers arrive before you are ready for delivery, we can store them for a few days. If you need more time, we offer several storage options based on your needs.

Why is Box-n-Go mobile storage more convenient than a rental truck?

Most do-it-yourself rental trucks are exceedingly expensive once you figure in the time needed to pack, drive to a new location and unpack. By the time you pay for miles, gas, insurance, logging and extra labor costs you will see that Box-n-Go moving option is quite competitive and extremely convenient. Additionally, the rental trucks are much more difficult to load/unload being so high off the ground—carrying furniture and boxes up and down a ramp all day can make for a very stressful and dangerous move.

Why use Box-n-Go moving service instead of a traditional moving company?

Three reasons: it’s affordable, convenient and secure. While traditional moving services can make the physical moving easier, they do that at a much higher cost and with a less flexible schedule. Not only will you save up to 50% off the price of a traditional move, but your items are completely safe and secure inside your Box-n-Go container. Unlike traditional movers that combine multiple households into one moving truck, we keep your items securely containerized, no chance of items getting lost during transit. There’s no need to have our containers wait for the next driver’s schedule. When you’re done packing, we’ll come to you and pick up your belongings. Best of all, your belongings can be redelivered any time you need!