Flexible, easy to contact, convenient!

I would give 4 stars because, in the midst of moving season, they had forgotten to put some details into my order whilst on the phone with me. I called to double-check everything was all set a day or two prior to my order, and sorted out the issue without a problem. Their willingness to accommodate my circumstances bumped them to 5 stars in my books. Everyone I spoke to was personable and easy to work with. We got free delivery during a sale/special when I initially placed the order. Overall, an excellent experience and service.

Camille K., Los Angeles, CA

I would use them again and again.

Ok, I don't usually write reviews but after my experience with Box-n-Go I decided to write one. I've used storage services in the past, as well as movers but working with these guys has been by far the best decision. From beginning to end, they made sure everything was taken care of. I was moving into a smaller apartment and had them move most of my stuff, and the rest I am storing with them. I would use them again and again. Thanks for making this the easiest move ever!!!

Tina S., Thousand Oaks, CA

I have used Box-n-Go for a few years now.

Prior i would rent out a 10' x 20' unit costing about $250 a month. I was a little skeptical that i was going to fit all of the items I had in the unit but after carefully packing everything fit in 3 units. Which was almost saving of $70 a month. Accessing the boxes is very easy just call and they will have them available within 2 hours. The customer service I received from Freddy has been fantastic he has always been very helpful with all of my request. Box-n-Go is a great solution to my storage needs... thanks Box-n-Go!!!

Adam M., Los Alamitos, CA

Absolutely the best company!

I was blown off by a moving company when i was moving out of my apartment at UCLA. I was leaving for Europe the next day and the moving company that was supposed to pick up my stuff, never called or answered any of my calls and just never showed up (this company is called bruinbins never use!!!). I called and spoke to frank on the phone in panic because I saw one of their boxes on the side of the road. He immediately helped me and got all my information as soon as he could in order to speed up the process. This company saved my moving experience and were very helpful and kind whenever I spoke with them! I am never using another moving company because I had such an amazing experience with this company!

Monica V., Los Angeles, CA

Amazing service.

I used Box-n-Go for college storage. They were flexible; customer service was helpful and friendly. I'd recommend them for anyone who needs storage.

Max U., Denver, CO

Box-n-Go is a very easy service to use.

I am a student in Claremont, but I live in Arizona and it is such a hassle to transport all of my belongings back and forth over the summer. Most of my stuff does not even need to go home for the summer. I've seen the Box-n-Go storage containers all over campus but I never wanted to rent one. I thought that it would be a long and expensive process. But it's not. Box-n-Go is a very easy service to use. It was not hard at all to make a reservation for a storage container to be dropped off on campus. and the price was not bad either, especially if you share a box with some friends, because they are very spacious! Tip for college students using this service: you probably won't need a whole container to yourself, so share with friends, split the cost, and that will make the service that much cheaper!

Alexa M., Claremont, CA

150+ 5-star reviews

I highly recommend using this service for storage.

This was the first time i have had to use storage for my apartment. I used box-n-go for a couple of months while I moved to New York for the summer. The drivers were very friendly and the company was very accommodating to drop-off times and pick-up times. I highly recommend using this service for storage. Very quick, convenient, and affordable storage company.

Philip V., Los Angeles, CA

The best service ever.

I am using them for the 3rd time and absolutely love this company.

Olga A., Los Angeles, CA

It's pretty good value.

I have used Box-n-Go before, and it has worked well. It's pretty good value, and they often have discounts or special offers. They used to give free delivery to UCLA students (=$100), but now they had a $25 Halloween discount, and $25 credit for writing this review. They are often pretty quick to pick up the phone when one calls, which I appreciate. All in all, a good service for what it does.

Joakim E., Los Angeles, CA

Great experience.

Frank helped us rearrange our pods at the storage location so that the three could be condensed into just two, in order to save us money. All of the staff were very helpful and everything was taken care of i'm a timely manor.

Carson K., Los Angeles, CA