Highly recommended.

Freddy at Box-n-Go has been the most helpful employee when it has comes to dealing with my account. At all times he has strived to be professional and respectful when he explains fees on my account. I am very pleased with the months I have been dealing with Freddy at Box-n-Go.

Lizbette E., Los Angeles, CA


If I need to store anything again, I would use box-n-go. The inside of the box was really clean. They are on time with drop offs and delivery of the units. I never had a problem with billing and the customer service is excellent. Thank you box-n-go for keeping my personal belongings safe!

Rebecca R., Chicago, IL

Box-n-Go is extremely convenient for a college graduate dealing with moving out!

I needed a place to store my furniture for my friend who will be buying all of it, and Box n Go made the stress of moving quite minimal. Best of all, they do all the transporting for you! Frank, who helped me out, seems like an honest and friendly businessman, and he was willing to give me a discount, too! Overall, I would totally work with Box n Go again for my storage needs and would recommend them to anyone in need of convenient storage.

Jennifer K., San Dimas, CA

Definitely will use this service every time I move in the future.

Talked to Frank, he handled everything within 10 mins and answered all my questions. Definitely will use this service every time I move in the future.

Jessica C., Los Angeles, CA

Everything went smooth, thanks Box-n-Go.

I made a call with Stan the call was smooth and box n go delivered container right on time. Driver showed up drop container in less than 5 minutes. Container loaded in 1 hour no more hall ways and long walks. Just open door my goods right there. Everything went smooth, thanks Box-n-Go.

Darrell R., Torrance, CA

Still a happy customer.

This review is LONG over due! I have been a Box-n-Go Customer since 2007. If I could give more stars than 5 I would. From the very beginning the whole crew showed me the very definition of customer service. I was moving back to L.A. from the high desert and was looking for a business that would not only keep my extra crap but would come and get it as well. The initial setup and pack-up was quick and easy. My lock is on my box...I have the key...no fuss or drama. Fast forward to the present... The guys at Box-n-Go are still ALWAYS helpful, friendly, and accommodating! Thank you Box-n-Go crew...where would my crap be without you! Probably some place like Public storage... whew! I shudder to think!

Elle M., Los Angeles, CA

Makes it easy and affordable.

We chose Box-n-Go for our sons move out of his college apt. They are picking up and storing his belongings for a summer and then fall semester when he is studying abroad. Makes it easy and affordable. No worries!

Lisa R., Los Angeles, CA

This was the most super convenient storage situation I've ever had.

Easy ordering online, very responsive when I called to speak to a live person, they were on time, friendly, and personable the whole way through. I ordered two pods they put out on the street and I took 5 days to load everything into them. I ordered extra supplies and boxes (all came just as ordered). This is the perfect way to systematically organize your move. When I saw a few pods out and about randomly, I thought what a great idea! The expense of renting a truck to get everything into storage was gonna be a bummer and you know how your friends with trucks magically disappear when it comes to moving? Box-n-Go eliminates all of that! I can't say enough good things about Box-n-Go as a company. If you've ever dealt with any other storage facilities you know there are fees for this and that and everything in between. But Box-n-Go's prices never went up on me and they always called me when my units were a few days away from accruing a late fee if I forgot to make a payment. Other storage facilities are stuck on policies and make you feel like they're doing you a favor by having the facility there that YOU pay for, that doesn't feel like I'm a customer. At Box-n-Go, Frank knew who I was every time I called, looked into my account, and always looked out and took care of me like he was my brother. The only recommendation I have is to get another storage location in North Los Angeles...i.e. The Valley!

Karista H., North Hollywood, CA

Box-n-Go makes things super easy when moving!

Say goodbye to all the stress and chaos of trying to figure out movers and storage. They are a one stop shop. They dropped of a box when I was moving out my apartment in Westwood (they had an awesome promotional student discount too) they took it away to their secured location. Anytime I needed to visit my unit it was no problem! I've been a customer for a year and a half and I am pleased with how helpful and reliable they are! And Frank is super helpful and really cares about helping you handle your move with ease. If you don't want to have to deal with the hassle of hiring movers and a storage unit, Box-n-Go is a great solution!

Stephanie L., Los Angeles, CA

I have nothing but GREAT things to say about Box-n-Go.

Everybody I've spoken to has been friendly and professional. They're prices are good, they are on-time and provided all the boxes and extra equipment I ordered. Each time I've requested to access my storage POD, they have it ready and waiting for me and none of the contents looked like the box had been mishandled. I would definitely recommend them and will definitely use them for my future storage and moving needs. It is so much more convenient to have the PODS delivered to your door so you can take your time and pack it the way you want it! I am a VERY satisfied customer!!

Melanie P., Los Angeles, CA