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20’ Container – all weather.
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5-7 rooms, furniture, appliances, etc.

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Perfect for 2-bedroom residence.
3-5 rooms, furniture, appliances, etc.

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Each fits 1-1.5 rooms.

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Self-Storage Containers in North Hills, CA 91343

Before you consider North Hills storage, residents should consider maximizing the current use of space in your home.

Use Hidden Space

Use any space underneath the  stairwell. It can be fitted with doors, shelves or drawers. Extra cupboards can be inserted in non-structural walls. Windows and space between windows can be surrounded by shelves or window seats give extra storage..

Reorganize Rooms and Furniture

By thoughtfully rearranging furniture you can make a room look more spacious and enhance functionality. Redecorating with brighter color schemes and lighting can brighten up a small space and gives an illusion of space. Strategic use of wall mirrors will give an illusion of doubling or tripling the space you already have. If you still need more self storage North Hills CA, households can use mobile storage units from Box-n-Go Storage.  They will deliver mobile storage units to any Upland location.  They offer several benefits over the traditional self storage sites:
  • As you can pack the units at your own convenience you will be assured your goods are always kept in the best condition.  Follow some of the many tips on this site to ensure this.
  • The units are collected and taken to a secure storage site at your arrangement.  This means that you only need to load and pack your items once rather than load and unload your possessions at both ends.

Convenience of Using North Hills storage

If you are moving in the coming weeks, you are probably wondering what you will do about all your possessions. Maybe you got an incredible job offer that is taking you to another country. You are busy getting your passport and visa sorted out, not to mention airline tickets. So, you will need to look for storage units for rent North Hills CA.  Now you have to figure out where you will keep all your possessions. You can take some things in suitcases, but not your furniture. If you are moving permanently, you may use an international shipping service. But you are only going for work, which means you may be back here within a few years. It is best to keep your items in storage units near North Hills CA.  And we can help you figure out how to find the right self storage units North Hills CA. By using storage units for rent North Hills CA, you can ensure that you are keeping the bulk of your furniture and other possessions safe. The issue is that many of these self storage units North Hills CA are full of hassles and frustration. That is why we want to tell you about an alternative to typical storage units in North Hills CA.

Using Mobile Storage Units Near North Hills CA When Moving Abroad

If you are moving, you are tempted to use storage units near North Hills CA to store your items. But we recommend that you look at mobile storage units for rent North Hills CA instead. The reason we recommend going with mobile self storage units near North Hills CA is because of the convenience. These mobile storage units in North Hills CA will give you all the convenience and the services that you need. How does it all work? Contact a mobile storage provider like Box-n-Go. Ask them if they have mobile storage units near North Hills CA. They will surely have units in all sizes. They will send these storage units for rent North Hills CA to your address. You fill up the storage unit at your convenience. Even if it takes you a month to fill it up, there is no rush. The moment you are done, give them a call and they will come pick up the unit. Even if you are departing for your flight the next day, you just need to lock up the unit and tell them to pick it up. They will come take your self storage units North Hills CA. Those storage units in North Hills CA get kept at their secure and climate friendly facility.

North Hills storage for Different Occasions

So, you finally decided to go on vacation! You work hard, and never had time to actually live up to the slogan: work hard, and play harder.  The time is finally here and you want to live your life, however, you worry about the safety of your belongings while you are away from your home.

Yes, you may have a security system, but you still fear that something can wrong at any minute.  So, what do you do?  Have you ever considered placing your belongings in storage while you are on vacation?

It may seem out of the ordinary to place your most loved valuables in storage while you are away from your home. However, if you are away for more than two weeks than searching for safe and secure storage may be in your best interest. Why?

Why place your items in Storage North Hills CA, 91343 while you are on vacation?

If you really want to protect your items, here are some reasons why you should store your items in storage while on vacation:

  • They provide breathable units that prevent mold and mildew
  • There are coverage protection plans
  • They offer state of the art security and surveillance systems
  • Conveniently located, the storage serves the purpose quite effectively
  • They have affordable storage unit available
  • They offer pickup and delivery of your packed storage unit
  • You get peace of mind knowing your items are in a safe and secure storage unit

If you are going on a staycation in the 91343 area  rather than going miles away, there are even some storage companies that have storage warehouses in North Hill ca areas.  Therefore, if you are close to home, you can simply go to your storage warehouse whenever you need to retrieve items, or have them deliver your packed storage unit to your staycation location in North Hill CA

Discover why many people prefer storage  91343 with Box-n-Go today!

Whether you are going on a vacation, staycation or staying home, Box-n-Go storage has storage solutions that meet your needs. Whether you need to store your winter clothes, old instruments, business documents, furniture, jewelry or any other possession you may have, storage units can help you with anything! Call Box-n-Go storage and ask about our affordable storage solutions today!

Is Mobile Storage Better Than Self Storage Units North Hills CA?

Many people wonder whether they are getting anything extra by using mobile storage. The truth is that you get so much more. You have the convenience of a container dropped off at your doorstep – and picked up when you are done! You have the peace of mind knowing that your items will be at a secure and guarded facility. We can deliver the container to any USA address anytime you want. Let us say that you come back from your couple years abroad. But you move to a different part of town or even another state. You can ask the mobile storage company to send your container(s) to your new address, which they will do promptly. Now you can conveniently unload all those items that you had stored a couple years ago, as you are ready to move back into a bigger home. When you are moving abroad for business, you need an easy and effortless way of storing your items that you cannot take with you. Mobile storage companies offer the best solution! While looking for storage units near North Hills CA, customers should use the services of Box-n-Go Storage who offer an innovative solution using mobile storage units to help you move home. When you are moving home many people use self storage during the process. Moving is arguably one of the most stressful events we encounter in our lives. Good organization and planning ahead can really help make the process go smoothly.

Storage Units for Rent North Hills CA

The mobile storage units are a standard size of 5′ wide 8′ long and 7′ high.  You can have as many as required delivered to your home.  You can then load and pack the units at your own convenience. The storage site ensures your belongings are safe and importantly dry in the specially designed mobile storage unit. That is a great way to tackle the move, load your storage container at your old address and then have it conveniently delivered to your new home anywhere in the state or elsewhere in the country without any moving day rush. While using mobile storage, residents gain many benefits of time and money when moving home.  Remember you won’t need to do in any time consuming journeys to and from a traditional storage site.  There is no need for van or truck hire thus saving you more money.  The other great benefit is that you only have to pack and unload your goods once.

Call Box-N-Go for Storage Units in North Hills, CA

Call Box-n-Go for all your self storage units North Hills CA and moving needs. We have a wide range of services to offer. From storage and self-moving to full service moving, we have you covered. Call us at 877-269-6461 and we will be more than happy to discuss your needs with you and offer solutions. Solutions that are custom tailored to your needs. However, before you call us, do some homework. Compare us to other options available in North Hills and nearby:
  • Golden State Storage North Hills – 15655 Roscoe Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 91343
  • Golden Storage North Hills – 8516 Sepulveda Blvd, North Hills, CA 91343
  • EZ Storage North Hills – 15330 Hatteras St
  • Public Storage North Hills CA – 15145 Roscoe Blvd
  • U Haul Moving and Storage North Hills – 8500 Sepulveda Blvd, North Hills, CA 91343
Box-n-Go provides self-storage units to the following zip codes in North Hills, CA: 91343, 91393. Find a North Hills portable storage unit near you! Box-n-Go provides its simple and affordable portable storage containers in the following cities and neighborhoods: Van Nuys, CA, Arleta, CA, Pacoima, CA, San Fernando, CA, Mission Hills, CA, Sylmar, CA, North Hills, CA, Sherman Oaks, CA, as well as the rest of the cities in the San Fernando Valley. Box-n-Go self storage services are also available in all of Los Angeles, CA and Orange County, CA.