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Santa Monica Self Storage Units

Santa Monica, CA is home to some of the most beautiful landmarks and landscapes in the country. From the Santa Monica Airport to Palisades Park to the Santa Monica Pier, this area of Los Angeles is full of so many things to do. But, like many cities, space can be hard to come by. So you may find yourself looking for Santa Monica storage units to free up some room. Before you start loading up your stuff, have a look at some of the common myths about self-storage units, and how Box-n-Go is busting them.

Are you looking for Santa Monica storage or storage near 90404?

It’s likely you simply don’t have enough space to store all your bottles, strollers, car seats, and more! Even though you registered to avoid duplicate baby equipment, it seems like you have 2 or 3 of everything! Santa Monica self-storage units could help. Local storage facilities include many traditional out-of-town storage sites with the usual lockers and units. However, an ideal solution if you are planning an extended vacation is to use mobile storage units by Box-n-Go Storage. We have a variety of large and small storage units at affordable prices. Santa Monica residents can trust us to deliver the kinds of flexible household storage solutions they need.

Flexible Storage Solutions

Box-n-Go Storage provides one of the most flexible solutions compared with a traditional self-storage facility in Santa Monica. Customers can use their services and have any number of mobile storage units delivered to their Santa Monica home or office for them to load in their own time. Mobile storage units are becoming widespread throughout the country due to their ease of use. Our Santa Monica self-storage services allow you to pack and load your goods in the containers on your own schedule. The storage units are ground-level loading, with easy access. This helps reduce the risk of strain or injury when lifting items into it. Box-n-Go Storage offers the best cheap storage service in Santa Monica. They can deliver any number of mini storage units direct to your address.

Popular Reasons for Using a Self-Storage Company in Santa Monica

  • Store your possessions when moving home or office.
  • Declutter your home before putting it on the market or carrying out building work.
  • Free up some space in your garage, garden shed, or attic.
  • Store household items, such as seasonal clothes, sports equipment, and decorations.
  • Store little-used items when not required.
  • Business users can store stock, supplies, samples, display & exhibition equipment, or archive files and free up valuable space.
  • Store office documentation, furniture, and electronic equipment.
Your portable storage units are then collected and transported to a secure self-storage facility. You can access your unit at any time, or have them transported anywhere in the country.

Guidelines for Safe Storage

  • Store light items on top of heavy items, not the other way around as the pile may collapse.
  • When storing kitchen equipment, clean it first. It is especially important to defrost the fridge or freezer, and the doors should be left open in storage.
  • If you’re storing electrical items, remove any batteries first, or else they might leak over time and cause damage to your goods.

Guidelines for Using Storage Space Wisely

  • Save space by filling empty furniture such as wardrobes, sideboards, or cupboards with smaller items.
  • Save space by removing the legs from tables and other furniture if possible. Wrap in bubble wrap and tape the legs to the item.
  • If there are some items you will need to access more frequently than others, store these at the front of the storage unit.
If you use mobile units, Santa Monica Box-n-Go Storage will deliver a mobile storage unit to your location for you to pack at your convenience.

Use Self-Storage Services in Santa Monica to Create Extra Space in Your Home

Follow the guidelines below and in the rest of this site to help you enjoy the benefits of your Santa Monica personal storage units.
  • Due to the time commitment associated with packing, the best thing you can do is to try to carefully pack one or two boxes daily.
  • If you work during the day, one or two boxes in the evenings or early morning will soon pay off. When it is the weekend or a day off, you can pack more. Get the rest of the household involved but make sure they pack to your guidelines.
  • For a typical family household, it is best to have everyone pack their own items first. Then take time when together to pack the shared items.
  • When you pack a little at a time and as a joint effort it will be less daunting—and a bonding experience.

Myth #1: Using Standard Storage Units in Santa Monica Is Convenient

Truth: It depends on your specific situation. But, by and large, there are a lot of hidden hassles to using traditional storage companies. Unless you own a large vehicle or plan on making multiple trips, you’ll need to rent a truck or van. That means you’ll have to take the time to reserve, pick up, pack up, unload, gas up, and return a rental truck. Box-n-Go Solution: You just pick up the phone and tell us how many 8x5x7 self-storage units you need to store your possessions. We give you a 3-hour drop-off time. Then you fill the units at your own pace. When you’re ready, you simply schedule a pickup. And if you should ever need to get something immediately, we offer customers access to their stored belongings.

Myth #2: Mobile Storage Isn’t as Safe as Public Storage

Truth: Security is a top priority with our mobile storage units. Our Santa Monica self-storage facility is well protected, with little foot traffic. Box-n-Go Solution: Your mobile storage units remain intact when they are dropped off at our secure location. This way, there’s no risk of breakage from unloading individual items. Plus, we offer free Limited Protection Coverage to every customer. And deductible-free incremental plans, if you want additional protection. Having to ensure your belongings are safe and secure while you are not at home should not interfere with your excitement for your trip. When you have a long vacation planned, packing your stuff should be done quickly. And it should also be worry-free. It would be much easier if you could place all your precious belongings in a storage locker when you leave your current home, allowing you to travel in peace. You will also have the peace of mind that your possessions are secure and safe at our climate-controlled storage facility in Santa Monica, CA. Mobile storage units are delivered to your home, giving you the convenience to pack your belongings in your own time without any commute to a remote storage facility. The storage containers are then collected at your convenience. When you are ready to have your items returned, the storage unit is delivered back to your home for you to unload on your own timeline.

Myth #3: It’s Easy Enough to Pick Up Items at a public Storage Place

Truth: If you only need to retrieve a few items and your Santa Monica self-storage units are 5 miles away, it may be manageable to make a pickup yourself. But you will still need to schedule time to make the trip, fight traffic, navigate through all your other belongings to find what you need and load up your car. Box-n-Go Solution: You simply schedule a drop-off and we’ll bring one or more of your mobile storage units right to your home. You don’t need to leave the property to get the items you need.

Myth #4: Mobile Storage 90401 Is Too Expensive

Truth: Actually, mobile units may save you money compared to on-site storage units. With those storage places, you will need to transport your possessions yourself. That may involve several hidden costs you are not expecting, such as tolls, gas, mileage, and rental fees. Not to mention your valuable time. Box-n-Go Solution: With our mobile solution for storage units near Santa Monica, there are no long-term contract cancellation penalties and you rent only the space you need. You can also receive long-term storage discounts and basic insurance coverage at no cost. Plus, we offer a 110% Best Price Guarantee. Find the same services at a better price and we’ll beat it by 10%. That’s just one of the reasons why we’re the top storage and moving company in Santa Monica. Now that you’ve seen the truth, it’s time to go mobile. If you would like to inquire about Box-n-Go’s storage rentals in Santa Monica, the next step is to get a price quote for your customized needs online or over the phone. We’ll help you figure out which storage unit sizes work best for your needs. So what can you do? Place the baby items in self-storage units? Or sell them at a garage sale? You may plan on having more children in the future. Because of this, it would be more beneficial to rent Santa Monica storage space to store your things until you are ready for more kids.

Tips for preparing your baby items for storage units in Santa Monica, CA

The first step when putting your new baby equipment into Santa Monica storage units for rent is to determine what you will use and what you don’t need immediately. Additionally, you must determine what will be placed in storage, because you have to find out how many storage units you need.

Baby gifts and items you can put in our Santa Monica self storage units near 90402:

  • Baby strollers
  • Cribs
  • Bassinets
  • Jumpers
  • Car seats
  • Oversized baby toys
  • Baby furniture
  • Baby swings
  • Walkers
  • Playpens
  • Baby clothes
  • Baby toys
  • Diaper pails and diaper bags
  • Changing tables
  • Toys

Compare Box-n-go to Other Options

When it comes to self storage, there are many options. Our service may not suit all your needs. This is why we are happy to recommend some of the traditional self storage facilities in the area:
  • Santa Monica Public Storage – 3010 Wilshire Blvd, Santa Monica, CA 90403
  • Extra Space Storage Santa Monica CA – 1707 Cloverfield Blvd, Santa Monica, CA 90404
  • Santa Monica Mini Storage – 1620 14th St, Santa Monica, CA 90404
  • Public Storage 90404 – 315 4th Ave, Santa Monica, CA
  • U-Haul of Santa Monica – 1747 Lincoln Blvd, Santa Monica, CA 90404
Visit these facilities and compare for yourself which option meets or exceeds your needs.

Box-n-Go Self Storage in Santa Monica can help you make space for your new baby with our cheap mini storage units

When your cheap storage units near 90401 are full and your home is clutter-free, you can focus on your new baby. Box-n-Go storage can provide you with secure storage units that will keep all your baby items safe. Whether you need to store your baby items in your Santa Monica storage space for a few weeks or a few months, we have you covered. Call Box-n-Go Santa Monica self storage at 877-269-6461 and discover why many new parents prefer to place their overstocked baby gifts with us! Box-n-Go provides self storage near Santa Monica to the following ZIP Codes: 90291, 90401, 90402, 90403, 90404, 90405, 90406, 90407, 90408, 90409, 90411. Find low-cost Santa Monica portable storage units near you! Convenient and affordable Box-n-Go moving and storage services are readily available in these neighboring cities: Brentwood, CA, Malibu, CA, Marina Del Rey, CA, Mar Vista, CA, Pacific Palisades, CA, Playa Del Rey, CA, Playa Vista, CA, Venice, CA, West Los Angeles, CA, Ocean Park, CA, and many other cities and neighborhoods in Los Angeles, CA and Orange County, CA.

Self Storage Units in Santa Monica

Completely different situations often require the organization of additional space. When you want to provide secure, sфау storage, Box-n-Go portable containers are available for rent in Santa Monica. A self-unit is an affordable solution for your individual needs, even on a tight budget.

Box-n-Go is the choice of the public in California

We offer you the to evaluate the benefits of easy storage rental in Santa Monica, CA, and make your life open to new changes. Box-n-Go offers a mobile container rental service that is delivered directly to your home. Customers have noted the option to load from ground level. This option provides an effortless transition to the inside of the construction. Filled boxes can be left near the house for as long as necessary or sent to a guarded facility. It’s safe and secure. You will have access to your things at almost any time.

Cheap storage organization

Box-n-Go mobile devices are a new level of comfort. It’s also a pretty affordable option. Most people choose our storage because they are convenient and flexible self-storage options at a reasonable price. No matter the reason, you can always rely on our California service to solve your moving and storage needs. Call us at 1-877-269-6461, and we will find the best solution.