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College Dorm Storage

Looking for college storage services? Check us out. Because at Box-n-Go Storage we are understand the unique needs of college dorm storage. Students need to store their belongings safely, conveniently and also affordably. Our dorm student storage service for students simplifies the move-in and move-out process. Hence making it absolutely stress FREE. If you are searching for cheap summer storage, search no more, however. Our college dorm storage specials make moving and storage process easy and affordable. This is a huge relief, especially during the finals week for students and parents alike!

Storage services for college dorm students

Box-n-Go also has many convenient storage and moving services for students that you can choose from. We offer valet storage service with in-room pick up and return. Also storage service where we deliver the storage unit to you. No need to rent a truck or have parents fly in to help, however. We have self moving and full service moving options, both local and long distance. Tell us what your needs are and we will offer the best, most convenient option for you.

Summer dorm storage

The summer is possibly the best season of the year. Just about everyone, college students especially, become more active during the summertime. The weather is gorgeous, and classes are over for a few weeks, making it the perfect time to visit your hometown or go on vacation. Here’s how store and go storage can make it easy to start experiencing the summer season as soon as possible. If you’re currently in a dorm room, you may need to move out until next semester. Not only can you stash your seasonal items until the next school year rolls around again, but you can also pack all of your stuff away until you get your next dorm assignment. However, if you live in an apartment or house with your college roommates, you may want to put your stuff in college dorm storage just to make sure it stays safe while you’re away.

Dorm Storage – easy, affordable and stress-free!

With our easy-to-use college dorm storage solutions, you will see why students use us every year. Because you don’t have to mail everything back home. Our mobile self storage units will be available at your college or university for you to use as your very own college storage solutions. Hence, Box-n-Go is also perfect for on or off campus students. College dorm storage solutions are for students living in the dorms or in off campus housing. Therefore, don’t stress about what to do with your belongings – we’ve got your covered! Books, clothes, bedding, towels, laptops and anything else that needs to be packed and secured until the fall semester. Our college dorm storage for students services are available for all students and can be categorized in two major service categories:

Student self storage for off campus students

These services of college dorm storage are provided in a form of the Box-n-go storage containers that we deliver close to your housing. You pack them yourself. Once you are done, we come back and pick the whole unit up and take it to storage. This option is perfect if you are living in an off-campus apartment, or if you are sharing this unit with a friend.

Valet summer storage service

This service is called Box-n-Go U. We mail you a box kit. You pack your belongings into these cardboard boxes. Once you are done, you login to your online account, check these boxes in, much like you check in the luggage at the airport. You will have to print labels, attach to the boxes and schedule the pick-up, however. On the day of pick up, we come into your home, pick up everything that was labeled and take it to storage. At the end of your summer break we will also deliver all your items back to you. With summer storage plan you can store your own boxes, also furniture and bikes too. This option of dorm storage is perfect for a dorm student or when you do not have a lot of stuff and do not want to do the heavy lifting.

College Dorm Storage Solutions made tailored for students!

Box-n-Go storage service is simple. You simply order dorm storage services and packing materials online or over the phone. Everything will be delivered to you. We will come back later to pick up packed storage units and store them for the summer. When the new semester begins, your storage container(s) is delivered to your new dorm room. Consequently, our experienced friendly staff will make you feel at home. We offer many advantages of college dorm storage including:

  • No hidden fees or gimmicks
  • FREE drive up access in contrast with traditional storage facilities
  • FREE Limited Contents Protection Coverage as well as premium plans
  • Pay only for the space you need (order an extra unit. We won’t charge you unless you use it).
  • Load/unload once
  • Indoor storage
  • Surveillance cameras as well as rolling security patrols
  • Packing supplies as well as moving boxes
  • Open per following schedule
  • Month to Month Rentals as well as commitment discounts
  • Professional, Friendly Service
  • Credit cards accepted, however no American Express

Because the dorm storage is easy and affordable, everyone on campus is doing it. Most of all, this summer storage is the smart way to pack your stuff and not worry about them.

Affordable store and go storage

You don’t have to get a massive summer storage unit if you only have a few things to pack away however. Small units can easily fit some clothing, books and holiday décor. All without spending the money on a bigger unit. However, you can also get more space if you have more to stash for the summer, and then ask to trade it in for a smaller unit once you return to school and move back into your dorm.

Get easy, drive-up access.

Dorm storage with drive-up access simplifies the entire process even more. You can quickly enter the storage unit to drop off or pick up items. However, if you have very heavy items, you just have to get them off your vehicle and into the storage unit, and you won’t have to fight with putting them on a cart and getting them on an elevator. Drive-up access for summer storage is also ideal if you’re in need of access to your stored belongings.

College Dorm Storage is your A+ grade!

If you have a lot to store or are planning on sharing a dorm storage unit between friends, call us at 877-269-6461 for details of our special student discounts on storage and packing materials. Because using mobile for college dorm storage, is the easiest thing you will do. Hence, we deliver the storage container to almost any address.  You can take your time to carefully load or empty possessions in the summer storage, at whatever pace you chose, because you control the schedule. Our rates are reasonable, however. Yet, we are more affordable than other self storage providers in this area. We serve you with utmost professionalism. Our services will and can satisfy your storage needs. We employ highly trained professionals in our staff because we want to ensure absolute safety of your belongings. If you have any kind of storage needs, the only name you have to remember is Box-n-Go Self Storage. We are ready to help you!

College Dorm Storage | Summer Storage
Dorm Storage


If you live in a very hot climate, you may not want to keep your belongings in your dorm room all summer long because it’s not going to be climate-friendly. Certain items are especially sensitive to excess heat, including electronics, wood and some clothing materials. To keep your items safe while you’re home or away for the summer, choose climate-friendly store and go storage. Here are a few more items you’ll want to put in a controlled unit:

  • Musical instruments
  • Antiques
  • Leather furniture, which can crack in dry, hot temperatures
  • Photographs, posters and other artwork
  • Bicycles

Peace of Mind

It’s difficult to say “goodbye” to all of your belongings for two months, but with high-security store and dorm storage, you’ll know that it’ll all be there waiting for you when you return. Storage facilities often have advanced safety features, like units with alarms on them or video surveillance cameras. Even if you’re going across the country or across the world for the summer, you’ll know that all of your most important belongings are safe and sound with our store and go storage.

Ask about student discounts.

If you’re a college student, you may be able to score a discount. Therefore you should book a unit for three months and pay upfront. Because many storage facilities, especially those in college towns, will offer student discounts on smaller units. If you don’t see an offer on their website or social media, just ask about one. Another special that’s often offered during the summertime is free upgrades. A lot of college students need small units, so if you currently have a small unit, you may be able to get a medium or large one for the same price just to free up units for the new renters. Related Articles:

Box-n-Go Student Self Storage Services are available at the following Southland’s Colleges and Universities:

ACCD (Art Center College of Design) Azusa Pacific University Biola University Cal Poly Pomona California State University Dominguez Hills Cal State University Fullerton Cal State University LA Cal State University Long Beach CalTech (California Institute of Technology) Chapman University Claremont Colleges Claremont McKenna College CLU (California Lutheran University) Concordia University Irvine (CUI) CSUN (Cal State University – Northridge) Harvey Mudd College Keck Graduate Institute LA Film School La Sierra University LMU (Loyola Marymount University CA) Marymount California University Occidental College Otis College of Design Pepperdine University Pitzer College Pomona College Scripps College UCI (University of California Irvine) UCLA (University of California Los Angeles) UC Riverside University of La Verne USC University of Southern California Whittier College Woodbury University

College Dorm Storage Units

Students moving is quite often, and they travel especially active in the summer when there are no classes for several weeks. Someone goes home, щк someone is on vacation, but everyone should take care of their property. 

Best containers for the safety and security of items necessary to you

Sometimes students have to move out of the dormitory before the next semester. Box-n-Go service will help to simplify check-in and check-out. We can also provide secure dorm storage for your property for the required period. In addition, we offer a rental service for ready-made storage units, where you can put your belongings that will be left for storage or further movement.

You can choose from a variety of Box-n-Go services. We offer the opportunity to place a filled container or several storage units in our secure facility for the required time and then return to the same address or move to your new address.

Bins for local and national storage and delivery

The price of the Box-n-Go solution is very reasonable, and there are programs of discounts and special offers for students. Our Box-n-Go U service is a popular dorm storage service. We send a complex so that you can pack your things in cardboard boxes. After filling them, you glue labels printed from the account and plan a self-delivery. Our team arrives at the agreed time and takes the labelled boxes to their warehouse.

This dorm storage option is ideal for those who have few things and do not want to avoid dealing with the organization and hard work on their own..

Share your requests with us, and we will offer the most comfortable option.